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  • Demo Reel

    It is very important for motion picture artists to have a reel. Some key pointers for makeup artists:

    - No talking needed as this is about your work. 
    - Show versatility by incorporating women/men/SFX.
    - Keep it flowing. Often its hard to cut clips together and it can end up choppy.
    - You can use music-- Keep it upbeat, but not too cheesy. Free music is best so video sharing sites won't take your video down for copyright reasons. 
    - Try to get the best quality as you can get. Getting a copy of a video for your reel is tough, try your best. 
    - Try to keep it the same genre. For example, if you do all music videos- keep those together. If you do all films, keep them all together. If you don't have enough to make a reel, try to put them together to make a story and keep the flow going. 
    - Keep it short. No one wants to sit there and watch your reel for 5-10 minutes. This is just a teaser for them to reach out to you. Keep it less than 2-3 minutes max. 
    - Keep your CLIPS short. Again, no one wants to sit there and stare at the same face for more than a few seconds. Give it enough time for the viewer to process and then move on. 
    - Keep it entertaining. With either music or action packed clips... watching face after face after face is boring. Keep it entertaining by adding a little action in your reel, but still focusing on your makeup. 
    - Don't forget to add your information!

    Here is a copy of mine. I don't have enough to make a strong reel for TV or film or commercials. So I tried my best to have them flow together and still show that I can do the work. 

    Check it out:


    Kim Young - Los Angeles Makeup Artist