Understanding Trends in Fashion: Gold Jewelry


Jewelry has always been a continuous field in the realm of fashion. It is not usually enough to wear a perfect dress but to accompany it with the best necklace and jewelry to complete the outfit. Since the early days of Egyptian civilization, we could understand that the use of jewelry has become a continuous part of clothing. There are always new trends in jewelry design, and they continue to evolve with customer tastes. Moreover, jewelry artists are always testing with gold value and its jewelry patterns. Thus, we will discuss some of the newest trends here.

Gold Pendants

pendantIf you are a minimalist, the best method to show your love for jewelry would be to put on a necklace. It will suit your personality, as each piece of accessory conveys a particular meaning within your particular fashion. Mostly with the intention of aesthetics, many people decide to wear a pendant on every occasion of individuals. Not only for women but now exotic designs of gold pendants are also offered for men. Many unique styles and motifs of gold lockets signify what the wearer wants to communicate to the observers. Under normal conditions, provided that it is purchased in a regular gold store, the quality of gold jewelry is guaranteed. After a little cleaning of the jewelry by the employees of a gold store, the white spots on the gold will likely disappear and the jewelry will be fresh again.

Gold Rings

Unlike rings, bracelets do not represent something very meaningful. However, they are worn by both women and men because they are a symbol of love and commitment. In western countries, they are mostly worn to show the marital status of the wearer, but nowadays this beautiful piece of jewelry has changed into a sign of love. Apart from the engagement function, the ring can be worn as one of the most elegant accessories with western and classic clothing. Mercury is an exemption because it can very easily counter with gold and form a white composite named amalgam. And because mercury is unstable, it can induce gold to discolor outside of a room.

Gold Anklets

bullionSeveral actors have been spotted sporting stunning anklets with their gears. Donning anklets is a norm that has been designed and updated over time. In Indian culture, anklets have persisted as a constant accessory to accompany traditional Indian wedding dresses along with many other excellent jewels. But, after the 20th century, the inclination to wear anklets became part of Western fashion. Delicate gold anklets in one set will look elegant and neat on your feet, and as an added dose of feminine charm. Gold is one of nature’s most protected minerals, and it does not respond with any oxide gas in the atmosphere at room temperature, while it does react with three huge acids (lipoic acid, nitric acid, uric acid) or acid.

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