But in addition to being a treasured reminder of the beginning of a wonderful life together, a wedding dress can be an heirloom that will be around for generations. For this reason, the perfect time to think about preserving your wedding dress is when you buy it. If you’re going to invest in wedding videography, then you better make sure that your wedding dress will look spectacular. You should also ask the boutique so they can guide you based on the type of antique and fabric that was put on the garment. When it comes to organizing the care of your clothes, you must keep in mind some important features.

Schedule the Occasion

An excellent time to start taking care of this precious keepsake is right when you part with it. Since you probably won’t have much time, ask one of your pets to take care of it. Take the dress to wedding dress preservation experts whenever possible. The longer you wait, the greater the likelihood that stains will set in, which will make it much more difficult to remove.

Pick the Right Cleaning Service

Before deciding on a service, you should inquire about the procedures they use. Remember that a regular dry cleaning service is very different from the special procedures used to preserve wedding dresses. It is also important that only pure solvents are used. Check with the service to find out if they do the cleaning on-site or if they outsource it to a third party, such as dry cleaning and packing.

The better services will likely give you a guarantee that the clothes will stay protected. In addition to these guarantees, ask about the period during which the clothes will remain in perfect condition. A great place to start looking for reputable dress care services are directories like Wedding Wire. Be wary of people who only give you an approximate figure over the phone. Only experienced cleaners can identify food and drink stains that are not visible to the layman.

For example, white wine is not immediately visible, but also, the sugar in the drink oxidizes over time and gradually turns brown. If the dress is stored in a warm place, the heat can accelerate the discoloration. Other stains, such as red cake, wine, makeup stains, and, of course, grass and dirt around the hem of the dress, may require special attention. Choose a cleaning service that can find these stains and talk to you about removing them. Spending a little more on maintenance can be worth every penny.

Appraise the Box

Once the cleaning process is complete, the wedding gown preservation office will wrap the gowns in acid-free paper and plastic. Some vendors pack the gowns in an airtight box from which the atmosphere has been completely removed. This packing step ensures that oxidation is prevented so that the gown will not yellow over the last few decades. The cleaner can also replace the atmosphere and ask not to break the seal. The best way to preserve your dress is flat in a preservation box or simply in a silver or glitter wedding.

Even if your dress has been carefully packed and washed, you can choose to store it in a convenient place. Also, make sure the closet is dry and doesn’t attract moisture that could cause mildew on the dress. Putting the dress under the mattress might be the best idea. Your wedding dress is a valuable asset and you want to choose the best care for it. Make sure you choose the perfect professionals and be prepared to maintain them for a large number of years.